Tailgate Dumpster saves the day!

Posted by Dionne Payne on

Have you ever been out for a walk with your dog and your dog decides to go to the toilet when there are no bins in sight or places to dispose of their waste, so the only option is to stick it in your car and drive the unwelcome guest home, whilst gagging at the smell!  Well there’s a solution, and what a welcoming idea it is.

Kurgo have produced a tailgate dumpster waste basket that magnetically sticks to the metal on the outside of your vehicle. It is 100% silicone constructed so not to damage your vehicle. The tailgate dumpster fits 1 to 2 waste bags inside it just in case you have more than one pet or a dog that likes to store and empty on it’s walks. It also has a single magnet on top to keep the lid closed so it doesn’t fly out and hit another driver’s car whilst in transit or an incident bystander walking along the road! Just pick, bag, store and dispose….what a brilliant idea and a must for any car travelling dog owner.

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