What does Rhinegold have to offer?

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Have you heard of Rhinegold or even considered Rhinegold products before?

Rhinegold Equestrian were born in the early 1990s. They are a family run business that were founded in 1987 which supplied to the equestrian trade with wholesale products. As time passed, they discovered that as horse owners themselves, they had their own ideas and wanted to produce these ideas to the equestrian world.

Rhinegold was then created as a brand and brought to the market new fresh ideas. They started out with bridles and leatherwork but then branched off due to their horsey knowledge into other product areas, for example, rugs, numnahs and accessories followed with a small range of footwear by the late 1990s.

A chance meeting with an ambitious footwear manufacturer in 2012 created a friendship and passion for offering practical yet up to the minute designs in Country Footwear and Riding Boots. Their footwear has exceeded all their ambitions and sells in large quantities across Europe today. They have a luxury feel but without the price tag.

Their rug range is also impressive with their certificated fabrics which are waterproof and breathable and really are.

With their anatomical range of bridle work that is used with butter soft leather and unique design, they are definitely worth checking out as they definitely can challenge those high-end products available on the market today.

Rhinegold products are definitely worth checking out, they guarantee everything they sell and stand by the quality assurance that they offer. Their prices are excellent too, great for those that want the quality but don’t want to pay the earth for them!

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