bottle of vitamin pills for a dog which aims at coat and body nutrition

Animology Coat & Body Capsules

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  • Natural dog supplement 
  • Improves overall condition, health and appearance 
  • Contains a blend of ingredients (see below)
  • 60 measured dose capsules 
  • Can be fed whole or broken apart into food or water

Animology Coat & Body Capsules is a formulation of ingredients specifically blended to improve the overall condition, health and appearance of a dog. Each capsule contains ingredients such as l-taurine, for exceptional heart health assistance and conditioning, omega 3, to help improve the health and condition of the skin and coat, biotin, to add shine and condition to the coat, CoQ10, to provide energy, muscle and heart support. Each capsule has a measured dose, that can either be fed whole or given with food/water.

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