cavallo white gp half pad with has vet holes along the spine and air holes across the whole of the pad

Cavallo English All Purpose Performance Enhanced Saddle Pad

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  • Memory foam on each side of the spine
  • Firm poly fiber sheets alongside memory foam to create internal stability
  • Enhances functionality of the saddle gusset
  • Improves overall saddle fit
  • Cutback aids wither relief
  • Equalises the load in high performance sports 
  • Promotes blood circulation through gentle massaging action
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Water absorption free 
  • High directional stability to maintain shape
  • Resilient and durable
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Breathable and insulating
  • Size of pad:
    • Length: 20.5 inches 
    • Width: widest side 11 inches / shortest side 7.5 inches 

The Cavallo English All Purpose Performance Enhanced Saddle Pad has been designed to promote even distribution of weight to the weight bearing longissimus dorsi muscles along the horse’s backbone to allow a more complete utilisation of the horse’s scapula. The pad is made up of firm poly fiber insert sheets and protective memory foam inserts that create internal stability to further equalise the load in high performance sports. The four-density solution, plus the performance enhancement (PE) panel,  combined with fine finishing details including genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations, provides the ultimate experience benefiting both horse and rider.

Example of how the all purpose saddle pad is made up

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