Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps

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  • Supple, flexible and breathable 
  • Allows the horse to move freely 
  • Effective support 
  • Keeps the temperature inside the wrap 
  • Protects from injury 
  • Extra thick wraps 
  • Soft padding protects the tendons, cannon bone and fetlock joint

The Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps are pliable, flexible and breathable horse support boots that allow the freedom of movement, while still benefiting from effective support. They offer the support of a bandage, with the convenience of a boot which provides extra protection from knocks and strains. They are made from actively breathable material, which helps keep the temperature inside the wrap at a comfortable level. The wraps are extra thick with soft padding that protects the tendons, inside of the cannon bone and the fetlock joint.

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