Equine Products Restore Lyte Gel in a pack of 3 35g syringes. Rapidly replaces muscle energy and sweat loss in horses.

Equine Products Restore-Lyte Gel (3 x 35g Syringe)

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  • Easy to use 
  • One shot syringe 
  • Aids horses to achieve maximum potential 
  • Encourages water consumption 
  • Rapid replacement of muscle energy and sweat loss 
  • Pack of 3 

Equine Products Restore-Lyte Gel comes in a pack of 3 x 35g syringes that are easy to use in a one shot syringe after excessive exercise or competition. It helps replace essential body salts and water that can be lost during sweating and exercise that rehydrates and helps your horse remain fit, health and able to perform at peak levels. 

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