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  • High iron levels 
  • Quick acting formula 
  • Rich in copper and zinc 
  • Supplies widest spectrum of B vitamins  
  • Supports healthy red blood cells
  • Highly palatable peppermint flavour 

NAF EnerG has been developed to support the performance of the hardworking horse. It contains vitamins and trace elements that are fast acting so get your horse performing to their full potential. It is well known that essential salts are lost through sweat. However, it’s not just the electrolytes that are required in higher levels, controlled levels of iron, balanced with copper and zinc, all important nutrients required by the horse for performance, to maximise the benefits of this unique synergistic formulation, thus optimising energy metabolism. EnerG contains these essential elements, together with an unrivalled spectrum of Vitamin B complexes, to support the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism. EnerG also provides Vitamin K3, the most effective form of this important vitamin, for blood clotting and bone metabolism. EnerG provides the nutrients that are essential to support blood profiles and energy metabolism, so it can be safely added to any diet.


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